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FAQ'S about 9990

How can you help my business?

It's simple. We just need your current telecommunication setup (usually the most recent bills) and answers to these two simple questions: 1) Are you looking to upgrade services or 2) Are you looking to simply lower your overall spend? That's it! From there, you meet with one of our Account Executives to find the best solution tailored for your business.

Do you charge for your services?

Our team wins the more we save your business money. Our services are paid for with the first three months' of savings based on our recommendations; for example, if we can save your business $1,000/month with new services, we will "charge" $1,000 x 3, or $3,000 upfront. As most carriers term under 36-month contracts, the remaining 33 months (or $33,000) is yours to reinvest in your business.

Why don't I go directly to the carrier?

As our entire sales team once worked for the large telco carriers, we know what that sales process looks like. Proposals are not transparent, post-contract expectations are not met and carrier bias is very real. Our sales team does not have monthly quotas or limited product availability. Our bread and butter is providing carrier-agnostic solutions and high customer support, nothing less. Plus, you know that you are getting the absolute best pricing from our team as we are motivated to save you as much money as possible.

Where do my bills come from?

The carriers with whom you sign contracts will send you monthly invoices for their services. We simply broker the best deal possible and provide our expertise before you sign contracts to make sure these monthly invoices are fair and reasonable. The only one-time invoice that you receive from our team will be the monthly savings - and once you become our customer, there is no ongoing cost or renewal fees for our services.

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